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Welcome to TradeOnlyInTheZone where you can Learn & Earn by knowing How market moves based on Technical Analysis.We teach From basic to Advance to get Knowledge about Stock Market, Forex, Commodities.


My name is Jagadheesan K

My name is Jagadheesan K

I started my  financial market journey in 2016. I had Zero knowledge when I created my first Demat account with small capital unfortunately i lost entire money that I Invested due to lack of Knowledge, later I came to know about Technical analysis, where we can read market movement and trade accordingly.
I spent lot of money to learn market technicals from Basic to  Advanced concepts like Candle sticks, Supply & Demand, Harmonic Pattern, Elliott Wave Theory, Gann Technique etc but i felt the charges for these course are too high and which is not affordable to many, so I decided to bring this to an affordable one



Director & Founder

TOITZ Learn & Earn Ind(OPC) Pvt Ltd

We Teach from Basic to Advance

My main purpose of joining Trade only zone was wiping some losses and i wasn't keen on learning, but his systematic disciplined approach helped me to learn a lot about trading. He is available enthusiastically regarding any question or problem you have about markets & trades he's taking at any time. If anyone thinks about joining the team you must be aware that there is no reason that you can't feel the same confidence and good sense that I have. Put doubts aside and join us for a better future.
Been here since pretty much the start and coming from a different Forex team, I have to say hands down best team to join if you're looking to start trading the Forex market, I've learned alot from this course the amount of support Mr. Jagadhees provides makes learning very easy. TOITZ has definitely a game changer for me
Professional managed ,Technically sound & Polite Trainer provides opportunity for all of small retail traders like us with affordable Course Structure & with Continuously support .

Thank you "Trade Only in The Zone

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